Chiara Trovato


Graduated in Law from the University of Catania in 2006. Qualified to practice law, with decades of experience, she is engaged on a daily basis in resolving civil disputes.

In the year 2021 you attended the qualifying course as "special curator" at the Parlavecchio forensic school in Palermo, as well as various training courses in family and juvenile law


The lawyer deals with:

- Assistance in separation and divorce proceedings
- Assistance in family law matters
- Assistance in matters of voluntary jurisdiction
- Family law
- Juvenile law
- Legitimate family and family not founded on marriage
- Legitimate filiation and natural filiation
- Foods
- The effects of marriage
- The property relations between the spouses
- Personal relationships between spouses

- Divorce
- Invalidity of the marriage
- The personal separation of the spouses
- Procedures for the custody and maintenance of minors
- Procedures for modifying the conditions of separation and divorce
- Procedures for recognizing and disclaiming paternity
- Recovery of sums and arrears due for maintenance and ordinary and extraordinary expenses
- Dissolution of marriage
- Credit recovery
- Corporate and contractual assistance